Vast areas of the oceans remain unexplored. Unimaginable resources lay untapped, beyond the reach and understanding of human kind. It is here that future generations will turn for energy, food and medicines. In the process, we will further our understanding of many scientific disciplines and, perhaps, discover a few new ones. Who among us has the imagination, the tools or the will?

Long Beach Marine Institute was founded to prepare students for an exciting and challenging future. Unlike zoos, or aquariums, we take students to the source through hands-on exploratory excursions and camps, developing in them the fascination, discipline and focus it takes to become great scientists.

LBMI takes education and academics seriously. Political agendas and environmental activism has no place in our educational program. Instead, we focus on the scientific method and how it is applied to oceanography, marine biology and natural history. Pre-schoolers to college students have enjoyed the benefits of our objectivity in our presentation aboard our research vessel, at our camps and on our various coastal tours. Our success lies in the large number of participants that have pursued careers and lives in the natural sciences.

Through the VOYAGER FUND, we hope to better equip our research vessel, provide a state of the art lab at our Catalina campus and purchase tools and materials for our other coastal field trips. Also, the Voyager Fund will set up a permanent endowment to invest in our staff through continued education and training and will help us attract qualified people in the future. The endowment will also serve as a source for STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS so that those who traditionally could not afford our programs will have access to the wide range of experiences available at LBMI.

If you are inclined to give to the Voyager Fund, please call our office and request a donation packet. Any gift of any size will be greatly appreciated and will certainly be put to good use.

To make a tax deductible donation with a check or a credit card please call 562-431-7156. If you have a boat, car or any others items you wish to donate and are located in the Southern California area please call our office.

For any Property donations outside the Southern California area please call 800-320-0476. You can donate a House, Car, Boat or just about anything of value to Help Fund our Educational Programs! Thank you from all of us here at the Long Beach Marine Institute.