LBMI will be hiring part-time and seasonal staff for our Catalina Marine Science Camp program. If you enjoy the island life and like skin diving, snorkeling and hiking, and you would like to share your enthusiasm with youth, please apply! Successful candidates will have experience working with youth or youth groups, have camping experience, a passion for the marine environment and strong sense of responsibility. No degree or marine science experience is necessary (but it is a plus!). Our full-time professional staff will train you to be the best outdoor education specialist around. The position responsibilities include managing and instructing up to 25 children ranging in age from 10 to 18, camp program support duties, and maintaining a good relationship with teachers and chaperones. You must submit to a background check to qualify. We will only hire those of strong moral character with whom children will be safe and secure.

Catalina Camps begin in late October and end in mid-June. You must be available to stay at the island any days between Monday through Friday. All transportation and meals are provided, and we pay a stipend per day. Exceptional staff will be considered for Summer program staff (in Long Beach) and full time positions.

Fax or email your cover letter and resume to:

Yassi Khairolomour
6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #281
Long Beach, CA 90803
FAX: (714) 540-5755 after hours or 562-431-7156 (call first)
email: employment@longbeachmarine.org