Marine Science Camp


Long Beach Marine Institute’s Catalina Island Camp is a study in island and marine ecology with an emphasis on the scientific method. Beginning with the program orientation, students are introduced to the process of scientific inquiry, postulation and reporting. They are briefed on the subject of journal keeping and required to maintain a scientific journal for the duration of the camp.

The program is divided into sessions, typically two in the morning, two in the afternoon and one in the evening. Each session consists of 90 minutes to two hours of instruction and field activity. Sessions are broken up by recreational activity, personal time and meals. The Catalina Island Camp includes a selection of program mini-courses selected by the camp director for your group.

Available sessions include such programs as Marine Mammals, Intertidal Habitats and Tide Pools, Plankton Lab, Squid Lab (dissection), Snorkeling for the Marine Naturalist, Kayaking for the Marine Naturalist, Island Ecology and guided hike, Astronomy and Properties of Sea Water. New features are added each year, and the program undergoes a rigorous evaluation by the Long Beach Marine Institute’s experienced education staff.

Campus by the Sea is a modern, comfortable compound in a rustic island setting. Located just a couple of miles west of Avalon, our island campus provides year-round group hosting and camp programs. Our students enjoy weatherproof dormitory style housing, a clean modern restroom pavilion with hot showers, a huge enclosed dining facility with full service kitchen, classroomsand meeting halls and everything else one would expect from a school away from school. In fact, calling our program a “camp” is being modest.

Campus by the Sea also has all the amenities you could ask for in a waterfront facility. Boats, kayaks, rafts, swimming beach, snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, tide pools, fishing pier and much more is available to our “campers.” In addition to an excellent waterfront, hiking trails, volleyball courts, a basketball court and more can be used by visiting students.

Campus by the Sea is the perfect setting for one of the finest outdoor education experiences available anywhere. For more information about Campus by the Sea please visit their website at

Teachers: Download our Marine Science Camp workbook here.