Santa Catalina Island

Few visitors to the island have a chance to see the real Catalina–its rich and diverse natural history. This unique place is home to an abundance of marine life in countless pristine coastal habitats and numerous terrestrial plants and animals found only on California’s Channel Islands. Nearly all the island’s acreage is the property of the Catalina Island Conservancy which seeks to protect, preserve and restore the natural state of the island. The conservancy leases many of its coves to scouts, yacht clubs and other youth programs who provide various camping experiences.


By far the most premium of all the camps, and home to the Long Beach Marine Institute’s Marine Science Camp, is Campus by the Sea at Gallagher’s Beach. The camp is one of two fabulous packages to Catalina. For more information about the facilities please visit



Perhaps the most interesting place to visit from a natural history standpoint is the Isthmus at Catalina. The Catalina Island Adventure program takes you to the different coves around the island, where you will sleep aboard the vessel and launch into several exciting projects and events.



Looking to spend just one day at Catalina Island? Try the Catalina Expedition! This day program aboard the R.V Challenger takes you to island coves where students will learn about the marine enviornment through kayaking, snorkeling, ecology hike and other exciting programs.