Sea Creature Safari

The Best Floating Lab at Any Price!

Enjoy a trip on the R/V Challenger as we participate in a collection of diverse marine organisms from the sea floor by use of an otter trawl and a Peterson grab sampler. This field trip is designed to familiarize students with the methods of marine zoologists and naturalists by introducing the student to taxonomy, fish and invertebrate physiology and how physical adaptations make animals well suited for their habitat. Sorting creatures from the sediment and documenting the fish and invertebrates collected in the trawl leaves students with an excellent impression of how biologists work in the field. Students will gain an appreciation for the intricacies of coastal marine ecosystems.


Click here for pictures of common animals we find in the Long Beach Harbor!

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Key Elements

  • Hands-On Experience
  • Shipboard Excursion
  • Multi-Media Presentation
  • Sediment Sample
  • Otter Trawl Collection

Educational Features

  • Marine Ecology
    • Through observation and investigation, students evaluate the key characteristics which help the sea animals survive in their particular habitat.
  • Taxonomy
    • Students learn to identify certain fish by using diagnostic keys.
  • Invertebrate Zoology
    • The various phyla of invertebrates are discussed, and students classify invertebrates collected with a benthic sampler and trawl net.