Long Beach Marine Institute is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of hands-on, interactive marine science field trips. With our Coast Guard certified research vessel, we have the resources and ability to accommodate any of your research needs. From plankton studies and water sampling to sediment grabs and fish identifications, your scientific exploration opportunities are endless.The Challenger includes multiple rows of benthic separators, specimen holding tanks, and cranes used for trawls and sediment grabs. Additional research equipment is available upon request (i.e. plankton nets, secchi disks, water sampling kits.) To compliment your educational experience, our vessel provides identification sheets, field guides, bio-facts, microscopes with video adaptors, large plasma TV’s, and additional A/V equipment for observation and/or presentation. Seating areas and tables are also provided for your comfort and convenience during instruction and discussions.

RV Challenger

  • 118 ft.
  • Max. occupancy of 149
  • Full galley
  • Large top deck for observations
  • 4 rows of benthic separators
  • 250 and 100 gallon touch tanks
  • 4 ton and 1 ton winches

Pictures of the R/V Challenger